Wednesday, September 7, 2011

How to share a campaign : YES & NO

Memang tidak dinafikan, dunia maya boleh memberi pendapatan sampingan bagi kita.
Di Malaysia, antara syarikat pengiklanan online yang terkenal adalah ChurpChurp.

Jadi, bagaimanakah caranya untuk mempromosi kempen dengan cara yang betul?

Pastikan anda mengikut terma dan syarat mempromosi iklan..
  • Post to Facebook: Post campaign link on your Facebook wall, or message your friends. (Avoid posting links in bunches as they tend to look like spam)
  • Tweet on Twitter: Tweet the link and add a message that explains the campaign in short.
  • Blog about the campaign. Add text, images, videos or design posters to promote a campaign! The more effort, the higher chances that someone will click on the link.
  • Update status on Instant Messenger: Yahoo Messenger, MSN, Gtalk, Skype and others.
  • Email your friends: Drop a short email to your friends about the campaign. Don’t spam them if they don’t like it though..
  • Tell it to your friends on other social networks that you belong to.

All you need is to promote it genuinely to your friends. Make sure you do not do any of the following DON’T's to promote a campaign :

  • Don’t use automated methods to generate clicks on your link
  • Don’t use misleading message to gain clicks on your link. Eg. “Please help to click for me”
  • Don’t tag multiple people in your Facebook posts.
  • Don’t email people that you don’t know
  • Don’t ask other users to click your links
  • Don’t create or join click rings to gain clicks from other members
  • Don’t post your link on shout boxes and discussion forums
  • Don’t post your link on campaign’s website or campaign Facebook page
  • Don’t post your link on Churpchurp Community and Churpchurp Facebook page
  • Don’t post your link on job hunting sites
  • Don’t use Paid To Click (PTC) sites

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